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Our talented and respected faculty have prepared you well for the road ahead. Vincent (Jack) Powers New England Regional Headache Center Dr.

We have benefited from your many academic achievements and your incredible service to others. Herbert Markley 85 Pre^)ti Street, Suite 101 Worcester 508-890-5633 ww A\'.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester State College, a Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut, and a Doctor of Education degree in College and University Administration from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and an honorary doctorate (LHD) from Mercy College. Professionally, he served as a director, and chairman, of the American Association of Community and Junior Colleges and was chosen as one of the “One Hundred Outstanding Young Leaders in Higher Education” by Change magazine. • Learn to use the principles of ABA to improve the lives of children with special needs.

He received the Marie Martin Award for Leadership in Community Colleges and was designated Man of the Year by the Dutchess County Legislature in 1978. Connolly has appeared on or been interviewed by over 100 television and radio stations nationwide including “Good Morning America” (ABC-TV), “The Today Show” (NBC-TV), “20/20” (ABC-TV), “48 Hours” (CBS-TV), Fox Cable News, “Morning News” (CNN) and “Weekend Today in New York” (WNBC-TV). 42 President's Commencement Address Dear Class of 201 1 , On behalf of the trustees, faculty and staff of Worcester State University, congratulations on your completed academic degree. Send your resume to: [email protected] Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772-2108 Tel: 508-481-1015, Fax: 508-485-3421 WWW. ORG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARS career with Easter Seals!

I am confident that as you continue your journey, you will also hold fast the values of honor and service. Please stay connected to Worcester State University. ARMY strong: For more information on the opportunities available contact a Soldier at (845) 382-1673 Schedule Early for five Prumiiny, & Fertilizlhig Tree Removal Stump Griuding Free Consultatiom Have Your Trees Cared For By The Professionals Trees Unlimited Mass.Tabic of ‘esident 43 Who's Who in y Vmencan Colleges 44 Senior Portraits 47 Faculty and Staff. Douillette Matthew Fallon Christina Foley Nicole Gardner Samuel Fiehler Jocelyn Greige \ndrea Lynn Ducharme Ambyre Hall Emily Hannen 51 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 201 1 Peter A. Love your proud siblings, Laura, Nancy, and John 185 Chris, / am so prou} of all ifoiir accomplishments, especiallif ifoiir wsu colleae prahiation. 1 know you will be a successful lawyer some day and use that big heart of yours to help many people. Good thing I took that Urban Studies class 187 Valentina. CJhank If oil jor all if our har} n^ork o Ai' the last jen^ ijears. Von are some classy dresser; with great curly hair and a brain to be proud of. You will certainly be nussed by many, but especially me since I won't be able to poke fun at you anymore.59 Student y Vetivities 69 Clubs and Organizations 125 Sports 147 yvdvertisements 179 World Seat 209 LAniversity Status 'Reception 4 Odo\m 26, 2010 |i^ 1 On October 26, 2010, Worcester State College officially became Worcester State University. D., the nation’s foremost expert on identifying top physicians, is the President & CEO of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Hanson Kristi Hefferman Katelyn Heerde Brittany Jamieson Vida Koranteng Emirjona Kuci 52 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY CLASS OE 201 1 Kelly Lahair Emily Lanier Beverly Lavallee Katie Light Kathryn Magdis TJ Magnell Malgorzata Malkowska Jacqueline Martinez Christopher J. Congrats on all your achievements and accomplishments here at Woo State! Ohe 'print Center has nei^er looked so elean anl^ onjanize D. 'hileen Dear Lizz M., Thanks for being a great PA this year! On the years ahead; when you become a successful chemist; O hope you will remember us... Thanks for all of your hard work over the years for CESO and Orientation Best of luck in the job search!WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITYj Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 7\)cw f-lonzons Wot'cester State LAnivefsity 486 (Shandle F* Stf^eet Worcestef*/ AAassachusetts 01602 y Vccolade Hccolade^ (he namesake of the Worcester State University yearbook^ is a ceremonial hestor Vina of kniahthood accomplished hy touchina the shoulder of a kneelina kniaht Mh the flat side of a si Vord. Wood 45 46 •'•'Ml Senior Portraits 47 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 201 1 Paul Ajuonuma Heather Anyon Danielle Alachoyan Noera Alam Sampson Ankomayi Michael Baker Smirne Belot Yves Nkoko Bifusasa Christina Bisbee Elizabeth Bitar 48 1 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 201 1 Sotiraq Boci Kaitlyn Brady Alicia Brown Kathleen Ann Bryan Robert Budzyna Darwin Cabello sm Ryan Capuano Amanda Bufalo . We are very excited to see what you will achieve next. The one thing 1 bet you won't miss is getting everyone to review The Lancer News before it got printed. Eileen My dear Elizabeth, If I had to choose one word to describe you (besides gorgeous) it would be "amazing." You balance volunteering, working, studying, and dancing each week, yet you always make time for me.It is a symbol of triumph and an an^ard of distinction. Uhis yearbook is an acknoj Vledyement of your achievements durina your time here^ at Worcester State University^ culminatina in your araduation. i^ipi Sean Capuano Alexandria Carenzo 49 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY CLASS OE 201 1 Christina Cravedi Jayson Ryan Crosby Michael Ngoc Dao Marisa Davis Kevin Delsignore Rasheeda Denning 50 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 201 1 Bethany Joy Fiske David J. Know that whatever path you choose, we are confident that you will put forth nothing less than the best - just as you do with every aspect of your life. We love you so much and we support you in all your future endeavors! We will miss you Liz but hope to have you visit often in the years ahead. I love you so much and wouldn't trade anything for the past two years we have spent together. Your rhythmically challenged supervisor, Kristie Wyatt; The only thing D regret during the last four years was never hearing you sing. (Bilcen Dear BSull Now that you are leaving, who will I harass to do lots of projects for me around the SC/SA Office?!The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily News (New York), The Boston Herald and other newspapers, as well as many national and regional magazines, have featured Castle Connolly Guides and/or Dr. Today we celebrate your achievement and welcome you into a fellowship of graduates dating back to 1876 when the first class of students graduated from what was then the Worcester Normal School. Occupational Therapists Speech Language Pathologists Our vision is that all people with disabilities are empowered to reach their full potential. Excellent mentoring and clinical support for new graduates Great benefits * Great opportunities Sometimes, Staying Independent Requires Assistance ... to 24/7 round the clock care J^ree Initiaf 9{ursin£ Consuftation • Personal care • Respite Care • Homemaking • Companionship • Chores and Errands • Medication Management • Skilled Nursing Services •Transportation Services Kristie Ruksnaitis, Easter Seals Massachusetts [email protected](800) 244-2756 Ext.We are so proud that you are among the class to first celebrate your commencement under our new university status. Let one of our qualified, reliable aides assist you, or your loved one today Personalized programs designed for your needs. 322 Confidential fax: 508-751-6497 Serving d Cof Centrd Mass Independence Healthcare Corporation 100 Grove St., Worce'^ter • 508-767-1776 A Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Migraines 257 GRANITE ST., WORCESTER, MA 01607 (508) 755-8631 • FAX (508) 798-8445 NATIONAL • 1-800-922-8281 Congratulations Class of 20111 In memory of Dr. Chmielecki '12 Isabel Gonzalez Terrence Shanley Robert L.Smith 508-853-5378 ^M 40 RCESTER "Proudly Servicing thc^ l/l/nrrocf-or Arozt" the Greater Worcester Area' (508) 754-3211 Courteous 24 Hr. NT NOW 1 99 Cupcake Sequuar lonu Qiy 18, 2011 100 1st Pizza Fest l Qnu Qiy28,2011 Munche«f'/ru 'i Wfnuck T^xia T! We are so proud of all the hard work you have done, and the amazing person you have become. I loi^e ijou, , Ciz Dear Valentina, Thanks so much for all of the hard work you did in the Print Center. Your wonderful smile will be missed along with your confident 'tan do" attitude. Germaine Criminal Justice Elaine Tateronis Academic Affairs 66 WORCESTER STATE UNIVERSITY EACULTY AND STAFF Louise Taylor istitutional Advancement Randy Tracy Biology Elizabeth Wark Business Administration Audrey Wright Education Karen Tessmer Athletics Henry' Theriault Philosophy Mary Ellen Thorpe Publication Printing Services David Twiss History /Political Science Ann Veneziano Communication Sciences & Disorders Marc Wagoner Psychology Karl Wurst Computer Science Sharon Yang English Janice Yee Business Administration Roger Towne Communication Sciences & Disorders Andrea Wallen Nursing Karen Weierman Woods English Adam Zahler Visual & Performing Arts 67 68 Student Activities 69 Orientatioii Leader Traiaiiig Summer 2010 70 1 Orientatioii Leader Training Summer 2010 i 71 Freshman Move-In August 30, 2010 72 Freshman Move-In August 30, 2010 73 Welcome Week September 2-19, 2010 74 I 75 Club Kick-off September 8 & 9, 2010 76 Club Kick-off September 8 & 9, 2010 77 Hoinecoiidiiff October 30, 2010 78 Ho QLecoiidiig October 30, 2010^ 79 Octoberfest October 17, 2010 80 Octo1)erfest October 17, 2010 81 Off To Never Und Novemeber 1, 2010 Battle of the Brains lonuoiy 31, 2011 1 t 83 Francophone Fair November 10, 2010 84 ODK Induction November 15, 2010 85 Julius Caesar November 18 - 21, 2010 86 Julius Caesar November 18 -21, 2010 Mul^cultural Holiday Party December 1, 2010 88 Multicultural Holiday Party December 1, 2010 89 VPA Student Recital December 1, 2010 90 VPA Student Recital December 1, 2010 Winter In Wooville December 5, 2010 92 Winter In Wooville December 5, 2010 93 Student Leader Get-away February 4-6, 2011 94 Student Leader Get-away February 4-6, 2011 95 Student Leader Get-away February 4-6, 2011 96 Student Leader Get-away February ^6, 2011 , 1 97 I Love The 90*s February 10, 2011 98 I Love The 90's Februoiy 10, 2011 ^Kt. With lo^e, 'Dab Dear Chris, Congratulations to our brother who means the world to us. Your favorite supervisor, Kristie Dear Wyatt, After over three years at the Info Desk I am finally rid of you! Your favorite pesky supervisor, Kristie Liz Malone What Q joy it was to have you working os a Program Assistant to the Student Center/Student Activities Office.

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