John mayer dating black women

" Mayer responded with the following: "I don't think I open myself to it. I've got a Benetton heart and a fuckin' David Duke cock.

I'm going to start dating separately from my dick." So John Mayer doesn't have "jungle fever? Profanity aside, such an outpouring of talk is very revealing.

First off, I would like to say that John Mayer can keep a girlfriend.

He told Ellen that, after his disastrous Playboy interview, he told himself, "No, idiot.

What stands out most is the Bennetton-Duke analogy.

Mayer's allusion to Bennetton as a symbol for multicultural interchange and interracial harmony does point to some hopeful speculations that interracial sex can seem like an accomplishment.

Unfortunately, this is because the practices of white supremacy in the U.

S., like those of David Duke, have built it as such a high hurdle to overcome.

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