How i can be a play boy in kots rajasthan

You can do portrait shoot, travel photography or wildlife photography here.There is an entry ticket also for this awesome location of Rs 70 per person or Rs 250 per car.If you are 4 people or more so buy the ticket of the car and get the entry.This is the best place and must be visited place In Kota, Rajasthan for solo travelers, backpackers, with friends or family.Best Time to Visit in Garadiya Mahadev Temple– Morning or Evening.You can also go there on daytime but it is so sunny during daytime and you cannot enjoy this at that time. There is a lake also nearby this temple where you can find lots of peacocks.It is the monument of the rich history of Rajasthan.This palace is also known as Kotah Garg and simply Garh.

This location is the most visited place of Kota City.

Lots of students come to Kota every year for their preparation of exams. And if you ask me a question about Kota- – I strongly say, Yes… This park where you find models of all seven wonders of the world.

It’s situated in Ballabh Bari, bordering Sarovar in Kota.

Best time to visit Jagmandir Palace and Kishori Lake- At the time of sunset, because as per me, it is the best sunset location of Kota. The entry ticket of this park is Rs 5 (for just cleaning purpose). As I already said that it is situated on the bank of river Chambal. It’s also situated on the bank of river Chambal and it is within walking distance from Chambal Garden. There are many things to do here like Aarti, religious places, food from the stalls outside of the temple. This zoo is nearby from the seven Wonders Park and jag mandir palace in Kishori Sagar lake.

Chambal Garden is situated in the bank of river Chambal. So its provide a great view of River and Kota Thermal Power Plant. A toy train also here which gives you a whole round of park. The view of Chambal river is so beautiful from here and this made it is the best place to visit in Kota. You can also come here by walking or by shared auto.

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