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Let’s look at some URL tricks to get more out of the service.

Typically, when you copy a link to a You Tube video, it starts from the beginning.

Thus, you’re in control of what you see instead of You Tube deciding for you.

It’s common when searching for images to see pictures from You Tube videos, usually titled maxresdefault.

It’s possible that any of these could stop working in the future, so your mileage may vary as time passes. Read through these amazing You Tube facts Ben is a Deputy Editor at Make Use Of. He enjoys helping others and is passionate about video games as a medium.

Modify your current movies The application gives you an opportunity to change the actual configurations in your current movies before saving them, therefore as in order to ensure which they deliver the very best possible experience.

It is possible to change the actual brightness or even shades in the actual clip, as well as the actual sound track, although you can easily also switch to the Manual modifying window, which enables you to change the actual transitions between images or even movies, in addition as in order to customize the duration of the show for every photograph is actually shown within the clip.

You probably won’t want to make this your main You Tube interface, but it’s worth checking out for a cleaner look. Whether your recommendations are filled with strange content or the homepage contains videos you don’t care about, there’s a better You Tube homepage.

When you’re signed in, try changing your You Tube bookmark from the main site to your subscriber upload page using this URL: This lets you see the newest videos from channels you subscribe to, so you don’t miss any of their new content.

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