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Another guy I dated dumped me after he told me he felt like I don’t listen.He was always talking about how proud he was of his nieces and nephews, so now as soon as I find out a guy I’m into is an uncle, I walk the hell out of there.Another relationship with a Christian man failed after he wouldn’t just tell me that I was a “dirty little Jew.” I know that’s what he thought, but he wouldn’t just say it!Viewing your partner accusatorily based on their faith isn’t wrong if it’s based on a prejudiced feeling .I don’t see any of these decisions as problematic, even if they’re rooted in deep biases, because that would require an ounce of self-awareness, which I refuse to have.It’s weird how the only person without fault is me—and Carey Purcell!If you disagree with me or with Carey Purcell, that’s totally your right. Please don’t judge us based on these single articles, because drawing conclusions on the whole of someone’s character just from a small sample is very rude.Stand in awe at the most iconic monuments and museums in Washington, along with important historic and governmental sites.

Based on those two dating experiences I knew the truth: Christian men don’t respect me, and I will not date them!

I think it’s cute when Catholics eat that little cracker at Mass, and it was adorable when my Christian boyfriends would buy chocolate before Easter. Turns out an animal doesn’t make them—they’re from a candy factory, little Christian miracles each and every one. The first one I seriously dated invited me to his family’s Christmas celebration and even let me put a tinsel on the tree.

Even though my exes aren’t overtly religious and don’t even attend church with their families, I’ve found myself observing Christian holidays and even watching . Every time our relationship got more serious, I’d think to myself, “Could this really work out with a Christian?

The sex was bad because of his height, from my mistakes!

A brown-haired man ghosted me, so I won’t be making that mistake again.

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