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Combined with the tradition of our founders, the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, the all-girls experience at Nardin not only allows students to recognize their potential, but also to use those gifts and talents to make a difference in our world.

The shadow experience offers a unique look into both academic and community life and the friendships forged at Nardin.

Each student also studies Spanish, either introductory Spanish or Spanish for fluent speakers, because studying a widely spoken language broadens students’ horizons and enriches our globally-focused, multicultural curriculum.

In addition, opportunities like Intersession and the Entrepreneurial Program help build community, creativity, self-awareness, resilience, and empowerment.

Observe classes, eat in our dining hall, and connect with current students.

With a curriculum, and teaching and learning strategies designed to capitalize on the strengths of girls, Saint Mary's expert faculty guide girls as they find the courage to be themselves, explore new ideas, discover new interests, and grow as young women of intelligence, integrity, and purpose.

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This outcome shapes the path our graduates will take for the rest of their lives.At Nardin Academy, we are committed to the transformative power of an all-girls education at one of the most important stages in a girl’s life.Our high school students benefit from an inspirational environment that empowers them to express themselves freely, speak their minds and find their voice from their first days within our halls.By teaching the whole girl, GMS graduates are confident as thinkers, valued as individuals, and ready to make a positive contribution to their community.The Girls’ Middle School educates girls at a crucial time in life.When asked to reflect on the impact their education has had, our alumnae invariably trace who they become and what they achieve directly back to their transformative experiences at Archer.An Archer girl knows the value of her education, even while she is in the midst of it, and is always happy to talk to prospective students and parents about the unique culture and exceptional teaching Archer girls enjoy.Nardin students celebrate each other’s successes and are enthusiastically involved in daily life.As our alumnae can proudly attest, the friendships forged within the community last long after graduation.By living where they learn, boarding school students get the additional benefit of being immersed in an education-oriented community 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The ability to be in close contact with teachers extends the learning experience beyond the classroom walls, providing a unique environment for self-discovery and intellectual growth for all students at Saint Mary’s School.

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