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This report, published by the German tabloid newspaper Bild-Zeitung, led to a public sensation, and Kekilli’s parents broke off all contact with her.She received the 2004 Bambi prize for “best shooting star” for her role in Head-On.After leaving school at age 16, she worked for two years for the local city government, then moved to Essen, where she worked in various jobs, including acting in pornographic films using the stage name “Dilara”.

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Shortly after the release of Head-On, Kekilli’s work in pornography became widely known."Sibel" is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable ("si-BELL") not like "Sybil" (SIB-ill).The character of Shae was changed in the TV series after casting Kekilli.Incidentally, Tom Wlaschiha uses his own German accent when pretending to be the Lorathi man "Jaqen H'ghar", so apparently that is just what a Lorathi accent sounds like in the TV continuity. I've come to, initially I didn't like it very much, but then I came to particularly in the episodes late in the second season, really like TV Shae, but there's no question of that having any influence on future portrayals (I won't say more than that), so that's just a question of which version you like better.But certainly, they're two different characters." After graduation at age 16, she completed an apprenticeship as a public administration employee at the local city government.Also that year, she played a Jewish woman on the way to the Auschwitz concentration camp in the 2006 film Der letzte Zug (The Last Train).In 2009, she played Umay, a young Turkish woman who leaves Istanbul to return to her family in Berlin, in When We Leave (Die Fremde).Sibel Kekilli (born 16 June 1980) is a German actress of Turkish descent. She also provides her character's voice in the German dubbed version of Game of Thrones. She initially appeared as a guest star in the first season and joined the starring cast for the second season.In the novels Shae is just a camp follower/prostitute from Westeros, but given that Kekilli is ethnically Turkish and has a German accent, in Season 1 it was said that she was "from the Free Cities".It was then stated in Season 2 that Shae is specifically from Lorath. Martin himself explained at Worldcon 2012, while TV-Shae is different from the book version, he came to like Kekilli's take on the character: "Some of the other characters, Sibel Kekelli's version of Shae, TV Shae, is very different from book Shae.

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