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The Azores were out-scored only by Faroe Islands, and the Azores were described as "Authentic, unspoiled, and likely to remain so." Judges in the Destination survey noted that the Azores are not exactly a "beach destination" and therefore are not likely to attract the tourist masses.

A panel of 522 experts, aided by George Washington University, reviewed conditions on 111 islands and archipelagos.

Engravings of fish are also among the collection, along with one image of a human form.

These species are all typical of the large herbivores that were part of the ecosystem in the region during the Upper Paleolithic Age.

The forests produce more than half the world's total cork supply.

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The Portuguese government then made a difficult and expensive decision.

Today it's quite a drive to get to the park, but many do it to see the cave paintings of mountain goats, horses, aurochs (wild bulls) and deer.

The park is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

The National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations has named the Azores islands as the world's second most appealing islands destination in its fourth annual Destination Scorecard survey.

The ones who remained behind embraced the importance of being stewards of the planet.

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