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In 1349, Liubartas lost all territories, except for eastern Volhynia, to Casimir III of Poland.

In 1366, a Polish-Lithuanian treaty was signed: eastern Volhynia with Lutsk retained under Liubartas' rule (the Grand Duchy of Lithuania), while Galicia, western Volhynia, and western Podolia were annexed by the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland.

The division of the Goths (Thervingi-Vesi and Greuthungi-Ostrogothi) is first attested in 291.

Tervingi The Balti dynasty, Balth(e)s, Baltungs, or Balthings, existed among the Tervingi ("forest people"), called later the Visigothi.

Its 7th century period is commonly referred to as Old Great Bulgaria (~600–~690).

The Rurikids were descendants of Rurik (Hrørekr), a Varangian pagan konung or chieftain, who supposedly was of haplogroup N1c1, which is common among Finno-Ugric peoples and not so rare in Baltic region.(Note: Here the numbering of the princes is the same for all principalities, as all were titled Princes of Rus', despite of the different parts of land and its particular numbering of the rulers.

† The reigns of Canibek Giray in 1624 and of Maqsud Giray in 1771–1772 are not listed.

Though these khans were formally appointed by Ottoman sultans they did not reach the throne and did not rule Crimea.

When the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was formed by the Union of Lublin in 1569, Kiev and surrounding areas, Podolia, Volhynia, and Podlaskie, as the Kiev Voivodeship, Bratslav Voivodeship, Volhynian Voivodeship, and Podlaskie Voivodeship, were transferred from Lithuania to Poland.

After Pontids the territory became a Roman client kingdom.

Pontids In Eastern Europe the Great Migration Period kicked off with the descent of the Goths from the Baltic region into the territory of modern Ukraine, about AD 200.

In the years mentioned, the authority in the Crimean Khanate was exercised by Mehmed III Giray and Sahib II Giray correspondingly.

Note: The nominal khans Şahbaz Giray (1787–1789) and Baht Giray (1789–1792) mentioned in some works are not listed in this table as they did not rule the Crimean Khanate annexed by Russian Empire in 1783.

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