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For me it was painful to watch and I guess the actors weren't happy about it either. The show also had some great regulars like Vic and Justin's Mom. The creators said that they never meant to imply that Brian & Justin wouldn't see each other again - just that it wasn't the same kind of relationship that Michael & Ben had.That's why I enjoyed watching campy Emmett, uptight Ted, and Michael's and Ben's relationship (for some reason I only noticed it after watching the show again, but Ben was one passive agressive son of a bitch! I would definitely watch a reunion or reboot but I doubt Netflix will do it.Back in 2000 it was still considered career suicide for an up and coming actor to play a part like this.15 years later it is no big deal, but back then no actor (even starving actors) would touch this project with a ten foot pole. First of all, he has that awful voice, but his acting was also really bad. Randy already had 15 years of experience in the theater and left all proud of his talent.So the casting was really scrounging at the bottom of the barrel to find actor willing to sign up. I think you queens, if it truly is a bunch of us posting on this thread, are demented and evil.[quote]I've seen him on stage several times, and while not terrible, he's never been more than adequate. What nonsense to say that Charlie Hunnam was better in QAF UK that Randy Harrison in QAF US. Sharon Gless said she was delighted with the talent of the boy.I thought Harrison and the guy who played Ted were the only actors with any degree of talent. Actually thought Harold was excellent, Harrison, Lowell and Paige too.

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One reason Randy got the part is that agents refused to submit their clients to this show.Cowlip might have assumed a different interpretation, but I agree with 69.It left Justin with sadness but also excitement and possibility at the cost of leaving Brian with sadness and loneliness.They just weren't married in the traditional way that Ben and Michael were.Never seeing each other and not being together romantically are two different things.Also once the show became a hit and the actors had some leverage (and, most likely agents and managers), the sex scenes got much tamer.I think in season one they didn't realize that they could push back and since QAF was the first real break for most of them, they just did what was asked.Oh dear God, I'd forgotten about Ethan the violinist. Within minutes of splitting up with him, Justin went right back to pining for Brian and Ethan was never mentioned again. I don't even remember seeing his pubes, for that matter.The writers could not have made it more obvious that Ethan was never intended as anything more than a plot device. For a show about gay guys having a lot of sex, there wasn't nearly enough frontal nudity.The biggest name they could sign (besides Sharon Gless) was Hal Sparks. Charlie Hunnam was a lousy actor at the time but as a fine looking and straight Brit he could find more opportunities in HW by default.He was the highest paid star, as the rest of the cast got 'favored nations'. He also has a snotty, nasty, down-through-the-nose attitude towards his fan base. He did a play afterward at the Lortel called The Submission (I believe) with Rutina Weasley and he was excellent in it. I think his first HW casting was in Apatow's follow-up to F&G, Undeclared, and was ok nothing special.

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