Peer cams are you dating a spy

It can be accessed by i OS, android and windows apps.Naples Panorama presents live streaming video of sunrises over Naples Bay and sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico.Don`t be shocked by the length, I put a lot of code examples in it.

A proper example should be Chatroulette, only it doesn't need to be that big.With HDX P2P cameras – use a smartphone, download the app, scan the QR code and start viewing a live feed of the camera.Before P2P IP camera came along, cameras used to be a nightmare to setup.When the smartphone app is opened, it pings the P2P server which in turn looks for the listed UIDs and where they are located.If the camera can be pinged, it shows as online, others are offline.You cannot view the camera via a browser as it requires the p2p library built into the viewer.It is not possible to build such a library into a browser.Setup the camera, then login to the router and setup a DDNS and open ports to allow access. It is a technology that makes it simple to link the camera with a smartphone.In camera speak, there is a UID (unique ID) assigned to each camera.Once the cameras are reached, it creates a direct connection between the app and the camera.Just like the popular Bittorent peer to peer file sharing platform.

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