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Let us take and as domain examples to explain the scenario.In this case, User object has certain attributes and Contact object also has its own specific attributes.SAXConnector.start Prefix Mapping( ~[jaxb-impl-2.2.1.jar:2.2.1] at Stax Stream Xml Reader.start Prefix Mapping(Stax Stream Xml ~[spring-xml-1.5.9.jar:1.5.9] at Stream Xml Reader.handle Start Element(Stax Stream Xml ~[spring-xml-1.5.9.jar:1.5.9] at "optional" parameter should be set to true at the parent level and should be set to false at the child object level.

Abstract Stax Xml Reader.parse(Abstract Stax Xml ~[spring-xml-1.5.9.jar:1.5.9] at Stax Xml Reader.parse(Abstract Stax Xml ~[spring-xml-1.5.9.jar:1.5.9] at v2.runtime.unmarshaller.Unmarshaller Impl.unmarshal0(Unmarshaller ~[jaxb-impl-2.2.1.jar:2.2.1] at v2.runtime.unmarshaller. Unmarshaller Impl.unmarshal(Unmarshaller ~[jaxb-impl-2.2.1.jar:2.2.1] at bind.helpers. Abstract Unmarshaller Impl.unmarshal(Abstract Unmarshaller ~[jaxb-api-2.2.1.jar:na] at bind.helpers. Marshalling Utils.unmarshal(Marshalling ~[spring-ws-core-1.5.9.jar:1.5.9] at org.server.endpoint.adapter. Marshalling Method Endpoint Adapter.unmarshal Request(Marshalling Method Endpoint ~[spring-ws-core-1.5.9.jar:1.5.9] at org.server.endpoint.adapter.So there seems to be a problem introduced into spring-oxm when it was moved into springframework.I have created a complete maven project that will recreate this issue.Please note that contacts object has to be set in Users and vice versa in order to establish bi-directional relationship before setting other properties of each objects.This bi-directional setup will prevent the users from getting the following exception For e.g..742 [[email protected]] DEBUG o.s.w.s.server. Soap Message Dispatcher - Endpoint invocation resulted in exception - responding with Fault Array Index Out Of Bounds Exception: -4 at v2.runtime.unmarshaller. Features include full implementation of Java Script 1.7 and allows direct scripting of Java and more...There are some good frameworks available like this one from my friend Fred Polgrady, I will provide an easy way of installing Rhino on a mac.

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