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Sitting on the floor for one period, day, week and month. Wall chairs (sitting as if on the chair without any one against the wall for half-an-hour to one hour), wall chairs plus a school bag on the head or thighs which cause more physical pain, running ten to twenty rounds around the school building or in the ground and sit-ups numbering hundreds are other range of punishments.

Normal range of punishments, which continue unabated, are caning, beating knuckles with stick or steel scale, kneeling down, standing on the bench and so on.

A boy receives slap from girl for not doing homework or not answering a query, or a girl from the boy. Another dimension is it will result in increased risk of child abuse as a disciplinary measure and poor performance on school tasks compared to other children.

A school invented another imaginative method of getting the boy beaten up by girl studying in lower class. Make the children kneel down and do the work and then enter the class room 5. The unilateral process of penal disciplining the children either at home or at school will lead to three kinds of reactions. These three will contribute adversely and in the long run, children are moulded into complex personalities.

Without participation the discipline within him will not develop. You are teaching him that one should lie and also when and how and for what. Then explain the son why is opting to lie, why he should not lie otherwise etc. Almost all schools inflict corporal punishments on students for various reasons. Giving oral warnings and letters in the diary or calendar 12. It teaches them violence and revenge as solutions to problems and perpetuates itself, as children might imitate what the adults are doing (

Generally a negative experience and adverse conditions prevailing around will seriously influence a child and may make him similar person with similar character. Writing impositions for more than fifty times within a short time, which is physically not possible to complete, is a new type of punishment.

Another teacher takes the wrongdoing child along with him or her to each class of different year as per schedule to further inflict insult. Kinds of Punishments In Schools There are three types of corporal punishments in schools. Making the children stand as a wall chair (Goda Kurchee in Telugu), 2. If a child is battered or bullied for talking, his anger may make him an introvert, probably a thinker with less initiative, and to withdraw from groups and companies and can be branded as shy person.

While a schoolteacher prevents a girl from eating from her lunch box, the other does not allow the kid to attend the classes. If his reaction is hatred, he starts hating school and society.

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School managers argue that some of the parents wanted them to beat the children to make them behave well.Every adult feels that he is having every right to discipline the child. Discipline is an attitude, character, responsibility or commitment. Prahlad learns to be democrat from dictatorial attitude of father Hiranya Kaship. Punishment may deter a child from repeating act of indiscipline to some extent, but it cannot improve his understanding of the subject or make him intelligent 'more' than 'his standard' earlier to the corporal punishment.The discipline is basically internal, while the attempt to impose it would be an external process. These incidents prove that discipline and education are participative learning processes. Resorting to scolding and reprimanding students as a prelude to inflict punishment is common at homes and schools and excess of which always bring in civil or criminal liability.If the consent of parents could be taken for such punishments it would amount to conspiracy of parents and teachers to violate the rights of children, and provides any authority or protection or defence to the teachers inflicting such punishment. What is the crime for which punishment can be inflicted?Whether Parents or Teachers or School managers have any adjudicatory authority to decide circumstances under which a punishment can be inflicted, the quantum, method and timing or punishment?The punishment would extend for one week also, during which he has to drag it to and from school. Sending them home or keeping the children outside the gate 5. There another serious consequence, the probability of children assaulting the parent in retaliation also will increase with the corporal punishment.Now the method of inflicting pain is changed but corporal punishment as a conceptual method of imposing discipline continues. Making the children sit on the floor on the classroom. The same attitude may reflect in the schools against the teachers also.One has to internalize the process of education and discipline. Firstly the child must have a chance to know, what, why and how. The Supreme Court in National Anthem school declined to impose any penalty on two students belonging to Jehowa Witnesses, who did not participate in singing national anthem as their religious tenet did not permit any singing except songs in praise of God. Treating the three late comings equal to one absent. Some of the countries specifically banned the corporal punishment of children as it crossed the limits and assumed brutal propositions.Discipline and education go together in letter and spirit. Secondly, a chance to think over Thirdly, a chance to express, explain and ventilate the views or grievances. The case stands as an example that not joining the voice in singing national anthem itself is not an act of indiscipline or unpatriotic attitude and invites no punishment. However, law basically does not agree with any excessive punishment to beings, which would be definitely a violation of personal right.The parents dare the sun-shine in the noon to offer lunch box to their kids, outside the gates of the convent schools, who do not allow them inside. Label the child according to his or her misbehaviour and sent him or her around the school 4. Pinning paper on their back and labeling them "I am a fool", "I am a donkey" etc. Teacher takes the child to every class she goes and humiliates the child. They develop bullying tactics against weaker person.They ask them to stand or 'kneel down' under hot sun. Twisting the ears (Chevulu pindadam) Emotional Punishments: 1. Make them stand on the back of the class and to complete the work. This eventually leads to degrading, it contributes to feelings of helplessness and humiliation, robbing a child off self-worth and self respect leading a child to withdrawal or aggression.

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