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This past Friday Susan Katz Miller wrote an impassioned piece for the New York Times entitled “Being Partly Jewish.” In response to the alarming results of the recent Pew study on American Jews, Mrs.Miller asserts that children in interfaith families are not lost to Judaism.She writes: “In the course of a year, my family celebrates Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Simhat Torah, Hanukkah, Passover and many Shabbats.We also celebrate All Saint’s Day and All Souls, Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.” The article asserts that by exposing children to different religions, they will be able to choose their beliefs for themselves. Miller claims that dual faith parenting is an exercise in letting go.So too, we will never know the truth of the Torah and the beauty of Judaism if in our hearts, we think we are only ‘partly Jewish.’ (It bears mentioning that according to Jewish law, there is no such thing as ‘partly Jewish.’ If your mother is a Jew, you are totally Jewish, like it or not.) Moreover, young children do not make these kinds of commitments. That "Jewish"., is a religion only.m and not a historical people., i think might be debatable.They absorb the values and ideas in their homes, but the real commitments come later in life when they set out on their own. That there's no genetic substantion for 'Jewish', i think might be debatable also.

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I believe that people are different and whatever works for one, not necessary will work to an other...

Even in observant Jewish families where all the kids are raised in the same way, sometimes one of them goes on a different path.....

On the other hand, I personally know kids who grew up in not observant Jewish families, or mixed religion families and they chose the way of observant Judaism.

We should strive to create unity and understanding and not division.

So, when a family is mixed, it is only natural and helpful to give the children both the perspectives. I desperately tried to get a conversion that would allow me to marry a Jew and keep my Jewish status but, alas, that never happened.

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