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Shortly after, MTV pulled the series, which had been receiving low ratings.

This profound experience led Cindy on a quest to help women navigate the world of infertility treatments and procedures, leading her to pen the book Savvy self-promotion and sheer determination helped Cindy achieve stardom, but she accepts a certain amount of luck was involved with her (or anyone) being initially discovered by the entertainment industry.With the right tools, the right connections and the right opportunities, everyone gets a fair shot at reaching their goals. Lord and Miller first developed the series' concept while at Dartmouth College in the 1990s, later pitching it to executives at American network Fox Broadcasting Company, who ultimately decided to pass on the program.and the receipient of many Internet related achievement awards Cindy sets out today to take advantage of her lifetime internet and entertainment achievements, combining them to finally and ultimately bring a level playing field to anyone with stars in their eyes and dreams of being discovered., developed (by Cindy and friends) to create a bridge between talent and industry professionals, giving artists a 'leg up' to showcase their skills to an industry that is always seeking new talent.Launched in the Spring of 2012, the is quickly becoming the premier online destination for talent looking to belong to and benefit by the success of those that went before them.She has been the host, producer and star of many television shows, specials and documentaries including; Vh1's Inside Out, MSNBC's Woman of the Net, and E!The Entertainment Channels For all of Cindy's career success, she faced a cold reality in her efforts to have a child.All of the clones are also given mis-matched foster parents who have little in common with them.Gandhi's parents are a stereotypical Jewish-American couple, while JFK is raised by a homosexual, interracial couple; Joan's "foster grandpa" is an elderly blind musician similar to Ray Charles named Toots, a parody of the stereotypical wise old man role (and the magical negro role) found in many teen shows, and who begins many of his declarative sentences with the words, "Now, I may be blind, but I can see..." followed by a wise-sounding observation that has little or nothing to do with anything.The show also includes humor based on the historical figures themselves.For example, the diner the clones frequent is called The Grassy Knoll, a reference to the JFK assassination conspiracy theory about a second shooter, dubbed "The Man on the Grassy Knoll".

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