Godly teenage dating

But now Brother Smith asks his pastor to let the congregation judge in the matter. If Brother Jones is moved by the church's concern and equitable judgment, and satisfies Brother Smith as specified, then he may be retained in the church. He is not excluded, even though his offence is public, because it ranked as one of the smallest matters of this life.If Brother Jones rejects the judgment of the church, then he must be excluded and treated as a heathen man and a publican.If Brother Jones rejects Brother Smith's complaint and refuses making restitution, then Brother Smith may choose to return with witnesses.

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If he will not heed the church, then he is excluded for public variance as in large sins.In these perilous times of the last days, when godly religion is a mere form without any authority (II Tim 3:1-7), may the zealous spirit of Phinehas, and the jealous spirit of Elijah, be seen once again to defend the honor and glory of the holy God (Num 25:1-15; I Kgs ,14). Even very large sins against God may be dealt with privately, when they are known only by a few or a minority of a church.Will the Lord find such a man or woman in this ungodly generation (Ezek )? That is a matter of public talk or knowledge, generally known. All church members sin (I John 1:8,10), but not all church members sin in such a way as to create a public scandal.Brother Smith has been unable to receive any satisfaction from Brother Jones regarding the power cord on his jigsaw.Until now the matter has been known only by a few in the congregation.Since the two sinners have shown repentance, they should be forgiven, comforted, encouraged, and required to marry. The sin should be buried and not revealed to anyone.If the two were caught in fornication and did not show repentance, they should be reported to the pastor after having been rebuked and warned.Rather than being puffed up either in corporate or individual pride and compromise, let us mourn about sin in our midst with the same grief and anger as the holy God (I Cor 5:2).The disciples of Christ are known by their love one to another (John ).They are both members of the church along with their parents.Having fornicated on a date and being convicted about it, they humbly inform their parents as to their folly and ask for permission to get married as soon as possible. The parents approve of the marriage, but they want to honor the Lord in the way they handle the situation.

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