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By the way, I discovered Szechuan Chinese cuisine wile rehearsing at the Fillmore and kept going back to the 2nd Ave. I've even got a pic of me standing in front of it somewhere... when I walked into a Taters rehearsal, they would break into a song they trumped up about me that had the line "Goddamn... since this radically increased the work load on Moe and myself, Eric Weinstien (E-Factor) and Carol Dodd were added to our merry little troop...Eric roadied for numerous bands before and after BOC (Kiss, Alice Cooper, Black Oak Arkansas and is presently Personal Assistant to Mr. you can even catch E-Factor in a film now and then... for the likes of Jan Hammer, Nugent, U2 and is still at it, as far as I know... Weinstien) and I made the comment one day that Bob See might have the See Factor (our lighting company), but we had the E-Factor and it stuck on him as a nickname.... One of the first really good laughs I had from the band was the first show I did for them in Rochester in Feb 75. E.; Fixed castors and people showed up for concert; there was an Elvin Bishop concert scheduled for that night at the NFE that had been canceled for about a month (the place was belly up and the new owner was broke...They were the opener of a three band bill of BOC, REO Speedwagon and Rod Stewart and the Faces. the images were about 50x 50 and could be seen for miles...

He had been going through old papers and clutter in his basement and showed me a hand-written setlist for BOC at the Cincinnati gardens on February 22, 1975. we used them to project BOC logos,(today people call them the Kronos, but nobody from the band ever calls them that) and copies of the Album Covers and pics of the band on the walls on the Shrine...Once more, I'd like to thank Bolle Gregmar, Paul 5, Peter Nielsen of the and Bert Gangl for their help with a number of gigs on this page. Reviews, ticket stubs, missing support band info, posters, flyers, missing venue names etc etc - if so, let me .This was the day ex-Hydra roadie Sam Judd first talked to Blue Oyster Cult roadcrew Elliot Crowe and Road Manager Rick Downey about the possibility of working for BOC. (Studio Instrument Rentals) where we unloaded the equipment truck...It was negotiated that we were NOT to use our flash pots, but management conveniently forgot to tell the BOC crew that little detail...All of their crew pitched such a fit, that at one point in the set change I noticed all of them were back stage arguing, so I had the union crew remove most of their backline with ours and transport it to the rear of the arena...In October/November, the band finally got to tour Europe and the year culminated with a New Years Eve appearance supporting KISS, a band who'd opened for BOC on New Years Eve only two years before...This page, as with a great part of the rest of the site, would not have been possible without the help of ex-BOC roadie, Sam Judd, whose notes have helped provide most of the information contained within this page... February saw the release of their epic double live album "On Your Feet or on Your Knees" and to publicise it, the band had secured a prestigious spot supporting Rod Stewart and the Faces, including a gig at Madison Square Garden!!This was backed up with months of solid gigging, appearing on the same bill as bands such as REO Speedwagon, Trapeze, Foghat, ZZ Top, Journey and Uriah Heep amongst others.I got inspired being where the Doors had played so many times and even recorded live and so I borrowed some of Morrison's poetry... I actually remember little about the show except that I was vaguely dissatisfied with the sound that night (gee, that's unusual.) I was also put off about all the fuss being made over Pretty Things, a band whose subsequent history speaks for itself.We actually had a curtain that night and had one of those xenons projecting the Me262 and other album covers and stuff working back to the 1st album cover going up as the house lights went down and my intro began... The body of his mother rotting in the summer ground He fled the town... But there was a lot of strutting going on that night combined with the buzz of Big Stars in the house.

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