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So if you are going to spend a lot of money, time, and effort in going on a vacation then try to avoid the common sausage fests that the herd goes on.

There are certain vacations that all guys think would be so awesome, and then when they get there they are swimming in a sea of dudes and fighting over the same handful of chicks and that everyone else is after.

If you want to go to any of these places for other reasons and will take low odds for success with girls then by all means go.

But you have been warned you are traveling for a sausage fest.

OK, maybe you are one of the few that wins, but we will play the odds and say that you are going to lose.

Yes there are lots of TV’s around so you can catch every game, but guess what? Or you could just watch March Madness on demand online.

Many girls will only go on a spring break trip if a bunch of people are going.

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Remember that all of this advice is for guys that are traveling in an attempt to pull chicks.

If you are in a college town this might be a good time to stick around.

More guys will be traveling then girls on average, and the girls that are home may be lonely without their friends or in the mood to have fun if they couldn’t afford to go travel.

Oh ya and many of the girls will be with their boyfriends as well.

What this leaves you with is horrible girl to guy ratios and many of the girls being with their boyfriend and off limits.

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