Dating after cancer

The men in my life didn't seem to be phase by it all.

No one goes through life without some battle scars. If he told you that he had testicular cancer would that bother you?

Except I didn’t die and it wasn’t a HIPAA violation, because the doctor in question was just a resident in the ICU.

It was love at first “Doctor, I need more Dilaudid and 2 milligrams of Ativan! I’m not sure why, but dating while going through my cancer treatments wasn’t really all that difficult for me.

better now than later will see for sure without all the worrying thst could build up. I have been married for 34 years so I have not dated in forever, but my sister who had a double mastectomy with a less than perfect reconstruction job was upfront with the men in her life and she had many a suitor, cancer and the lack of her original breasts did not run the men off. I'm glad to hear you're at the end of your treatments. I did tell this guy about the cancer and he was great with the news.

Sue DIf you are open and honest about what you've been through--I think it's best. She was happy, fun loving and choose to thumb her nose at cancer and guys seem to know that she was a catch! I've been married forever, so can't give any advice from personal experience, but what the other ladies are saying sounds right to me. Angie Hi Angie, I was thinking about you the other day. I want to tell him face to face that I am still wearing a wig, so will do that on Thursday.

Hoping all will work out for you and if this one is right, some where out there another man is waiting.

After all, cancer is just baggage, and we all have baggage. On the bright side, I have the strength to deal with it.But the fact remains that my breasts will never be "normal" looking again. One guy bolted when I told him about the mastectomy.A long-time date/friend expressed surprise that "they did something to other breast too" (the plastic surgery done on the remaining breast) I guess I need advice too--although I completely agree with the posters who say it's better to know upfront than later. I dated after cancer and with mets though I was NED at the time.Hugs, Nancy I struggle with this constantly, even a year out from my last chemo treatment.I'm thankful my hair is back (thicker & more wavy than before)-I've had a syringe and into a tube that will feed it into my stomach, then it might be a bad idea." Thinking about my future after cancer Thankfully, as time passed, I started getting over my dating concerns.I remind myself that I'm focusing on finishing my engineering degree right now, and dating isn't the priority.And, I think this will prove what kind of man he really is. If he's supportive and encouraging, then he's a keeper. Please do not give up on a relationship, there are many men out there who see beyond our boobs and see the amazing strong women we are! My hair is growing back at lightening speed, so hoping to toss at the wig in another 3-4 weeks! We still talk when we see each other, but it was an issue. I didn't tell them immediately, only when I thought it may go somewhere. Have a bigger fight that takes most of my energy and what is left is spent enjoying time with my family and friends.Not too long ago, one of my good friends got hitched and, over a year later, got married to the man of her dreams.It was a gorgeous wedding, and I was extremely happy for her, but it made me think: Am I ever going to get married?As if dating weren't tricky enough, I have the added pressure of telling any guy I'm interested in that I've had tongue cancer and I still have the scars, the feeding tube and the follow-up appointments that came along with it.

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