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Defining arrays of different types In the previous code snippet, we saw how to define a simple array of integer type.Similarly, we can define arrays of any type such as double, character, and string. That means that declaring an array doesn't create an array.If you try to pass an item index greater than the items in array, you will get an error.Accessing an array using a foreach Loop The foreach control statement (loop) is used to iterate through the items of an array.After declaring an array, you need to instantiate an array by using the "new" operator.

string[] str Array = new string[5] ; You can even directly assign these values without using the new operator.The following code snippet initializes a jagged array; the first item with an array of integers that has two integers, second item with an array of integers that has 4 integers, and a third item with an array of integers that has 6 integers.We can also loop through all of the items of a jagged array.The following code declares an integer array that can store 3 items.As you can see from the code, first I declare the array using [] bracket and after that I instantiate the array by calling the new operator.Initializing Arrays Once an array is declared, the next step is to initialize an array.The initialization process of an array includes adding actual data to the array.The first array can store 6 items and second array can store 4 items.Both of these arrays are initialized during the declaration.Let's take a look at simple declarations of arrays in C#.The following code snippet defines the simplest dynamic array of integer types that do not have a fixed size.

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