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The primary mechanism of change is the CSO's behavior toward the IP.CRAFT relies on well-researched behavioral principles. Most people find these principles to be rather common sense.Yet, you most certainly have a problem if you are in a relationship with an addict!CRAFT helps CSO's to understand that even though they are not responsible for the addiction, they can be very helpful by promoting recovery.Therefore, they may be harmful rather than helpful.In contrast, CRAFT is not confrontational, nor does it involve any deception.

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It would be tempting for the CSO to go out, help her husband make it inside the house, and proceed to wash him up.As the CSO change their behavior, it prompts the IP to changes theirs by starting treatment.The underlying principle of CRAFT is that in order to change someone else's behavior, you must first change your own. Unfortunately, some CSO's are so angry with the IP that they become unwilling to participate in a type of treatment that requires them to change.If you reward a behavior, it will most likely increase.Similarly, if a behavior is not rewarded (ignored) or it has a negative consequence associated with it, then the behavior is likely to decrease.They often involve some form of deception to trick the unsuspecting addicted person into attending such an unpleasant event.Thus, these interventions are certainly not voluntary.It's quite common for CSOs to feel righteous indignation when we ask to them to change.They do not consider themselves the one with the problem.Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is a form of counseling.It is intended for people whose lives are intertwined with addicted persons.

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