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My boyfriend and I have been dating for two and a half months. Just as we started dating he told me there was another woman in his life but he wanted me to be his girlfriend and so he was going to leave her, plus she didn’t mean anything to him, but he didn’t want to be rude by dumping her so suddenly.

He says it’s too early for either one of us to meet family, he never has time to be with me on weekends (always something important comes up), and during the week we both are very busy with work, leaving just a few hours to be together.

When I say he should meet my mom or that I should meet his, he says I am rushing things, but I shouldn’t worry because it will happen.

We ended up have sex more than once, but I blacked out and I only remember a little. In the morning when I woke up and also on the car ride home, he said that he wanted to slow things down. ” (the dreaded question), he said he didn’t want to answer that and he’d need time to process.

Did I ruin this relationship by moving too quickly?

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